We work with your company to implement a holistic and wellness program which includes yoga, meditation, massage, relaxation, stress reduction, and more. All our staff are experienced, attentive, and devoted to serve your needs. We offer discounted memberships to your company at our center as part of your Wellness Benefit to employees.

Corporate Wellness Package includes separately or in combination with any of the programs described below:
+ Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Fitness, and Dance Class
+ Health Fairs
+ Wellness Workshops
+ Healthy Eating
+ Lifestyle Wellness
+ Stress Management
+ Private Sessions
+ Mindfulness in the Corporate World

Benefit of Corporate Wellness Program:
– lower health care and insurance costs
– improve employee morale
– decrease absenteeism
– improve productivity and motivated employees
– realize a positive return on investment

Package Costs: Dependent upon options selected. For More Information, Contact Us