Fun and interactive yoga classes designed to promote joy in movement, physical explorations, self-expression, and self-confidence. Each week’s class focus on a different theme encouraging students to use their imagination and visualization. Every yoga class incorporates yoga poses, stories, games, songs, movement, and stretching to support the development of strength, flexibility, balance, and social competence. During yoga classes, kids also learn math, reading, science, nature, and much more. Our yoga program helps children develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, and empathy and it nurtures teamwork as well as leadership.


Students learn the foundation and advanced yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, relaxation tools to cope with self-regulation, body awareness, the expression of difficult emotions, social skills, flexibility, coordination, and so much more. Students explore their imagination and discover their personal journey in life! All students encouraged to learn “Self-Love” practice, to creatively find joy and belief in oneself, to care, and to do their part to enjoy life. The program invites students to set attainable goals, reflect through journaling, and share the progress of their self-discovery. Full integration of body, mind, and heart!


Our age-specific curriculum teaches students the proper technique of dribbling, passing, and defense in a fun, engaging, and educational environment. Each player will work on their footwork, balance, coordination, ball mastery, shooting technique, and power. Our soccer program is designed for beginners through intermediate players. We use positive reinforcement to teach children how to develop friendships through teamwork in our soccer activities. Players will work through drills and fun games to learn the skills of soccer and good sportsmanship as well as develop a love for sports. In addition, our self-esteem and team-building lessons help children to be better attuned to the classroom


Students are exposed to a variety of music genres, composers and instruments and they are learning to listen to music, moving to music and singing. Our exploring music curriculum is fun, educational and engaging. Students have a chance to play different instruments each time and express themselves by singing and dancing. Kids learn music in a playful and meaningful way while acting and creating sounds of animals and nature. The emphasis of the class is on group listening, group song creation, and the building of a group dynamic. Also, kids learn how to combine jumping, stomping, clapping, and dancing along with the beat. Music class involves hand-eye and hand-ear coordination and activates right and left hemispheres of the brain while teaching them more focused listening and concentration.


High-energy creative movement class for boys and girls that combines Hip Hop and Fitness with easy to follow dance steps and great music. During class, students are encouraged to use imagination to develop gross motor skills, coordination, and balance. In addition, students have fun exploring rhythm, count beats, and choreography patterns in an exciting and upbeat dance form. Dance is a wonderful outlet for self-expression that promotes healthy self-esteem, strong focus, and exercise. It exposes children of all ages and abilities to the performing arts and encourages creativity through the joy of music and movement. Also, dance helps with motor skills, creativity, and inspires kids to make dancing a part of their lives.


Zumba dance program that combines fast and slow rhythms of Latin-based music. Students learn choreography to a variety of dance styles with easy to follow dance steps to popular music. Also, students are introduced to different beats and music from all over the world. Our Zumba program teaches body awareness, self-expression, and self-confidence. In addition, students learn gross and fine motor skills, positive character traits while listening to instructional music as they participate in movement games and fun workout. Zumba program helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of children’s lives. All students love dancing to music, and it allows them to improve coordination, endurance, and fitness while having a lot of fun!