National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center is a 501c(3)nonprofit organization that serves as a comprehensive resource to assist people seeking to heal, thrive, and transform their lives.

Anastasia Martynova is a Founder and she is a living proof that the center can be successful. Despite of her challenges of growing up with disabilities, she empowered herself to strive and be an example to others. She did a lot of research about alternative therapies and mind-body practices, and she began regularly practicing and receiving various therapies. After several years, she noticed substantial health and well-being improvements which helped me to improve my challenges. She don’t want people to give up. People with special needs can heal if there are organizations that would care about their emotional, physical, and financial challenges.

She was my inspiration to start the “Your Sunshine” Program and expanded it to the National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center.

Our mission is to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people seeking to turn their limitations into possibilities through mind-body practices.

Our Vision: transform the live of people who are suffering and in pain through mind-body practices

We welcome everyone of all ages and all walks of lives. Our goal is to create friendly environment, community, and be a resource center.

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans (56.7 million) have a disability. There is significant evidence to show that alternative, holistic mind, body, nutritional, naturopathic treatments can help many of them to overcome challenges and restore bodily functioning. Our clients are individuals with disabilities who suffer from a wide array of disfunctions that causes disturbances in their daily life, academics, and social interactions.

We offer therapeutic group classes, one -on one services and therapies, educational workshops, professional development courses, and social, emotional, and recreational programs for individuals with disabilities. We also introduce the integration support of young people with disabilities into the workforce. Not everyone has the same strengths and qualities, but we look for the best and unique qualities about each person to help them succeed.

We offer an inclusive, judgment-free environment where goals heard and supported and we help clients to restore relaxation, activate self-healing body mechanism, physical as well as emotional and mental well-being. We proudly feature classes and workshops with some of the most talented and experienced experts in the field. Our classes are tailored for all clients, including beginners, individuals after injuries, seniors, individuals seeking emotional support, and individuals seeking to get back to healthier lifestyle and well-being. We care about every client and want them to feel part of our community.