Everyone is welcome to this class, where we make postures accessible, whether seated, standing or coming down to the floor. We adapt postures using blocks, blankets, chairs and the wall; all to find the many benefits of the yoga practice – increased mental and physical strength, balance and flexibility; rhythm, an inward sense of direction and the ability to move through life in a more integrated way; the capacity to live more fully within the body; and an enhanced ability to manage stress. Our adaptive yoga and fitness program teaches body awareness, self-expression, and self-confidence. Students learn sequence of movements and relaxation techniques designed to increase stamina and balance and inspire mind and body alignment. Caregivers for individuals who benefit from assistance with transfers and other needs are welcome to this class, free of charge.


Creating a safe, supportive space where students are encouraged to explore their body-mind relationship. Dance and movement class combines Hip Hop, Zumba, and Fitness with easy to follow dance steps to popular music. This class will provide many options for participation in a way that is meaningful and appropriate. We are mindful of sensory input, use visual prompts and create an environment where students can learn techniques to self-regulate in a judgement free zone. Students learn gross and fine motor skills, positive character traits while listening to instructional music as they participate in movement games and fun workout. Dance program helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of students’s lives. All students love dancing to music, and it allows them to improve coordination, endurance, and fitness while having a lot of fun!


Participants develop self-esteem and confidence to perform on the stage; discover their talents; feel the sense of belonginess and acceptance; help change attitudes, by celebrating and demonstrating that all such young lives are unique and talented, despite their physical, emotional, and mental obstacles; encourage kids and teens with disabilities to feel comfortable being an integral part of the community; return smiles, happiness, and joy into every child’s and youth’s life.


The program offers students both educational and enrichment activities, such as skill development activities, project-based learning, service-learning, character education, and recreation elements that are designed to reinforce and complement the regular academic program of participating students. The objectives of the program are to awaken creativity, innovation, and curiosity. Participants are guided to develop positive social skills, including eye contact, listening skills, communication skills, sharing, joining in, recognizing feelings in self and others, solving problems, dealing with feeling anger and other demanding emotions, good sportsmanship, and body space issues. During field trips, educational and developmental, social and communicational skills activities, students create meaningful friendships, learn social and life skills, unfold their gifts, embrace confidence, develop trust in others, and enhance their belief in themselves.