1. State of the Art Classes, Well-Informed Teachers, & Beautiful Energy

    After several weeks of working to open National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center under new management, this center extraordinaire is filled with state of the art classes, well-informed teachers, and beautiful energy that makes a person feel they have finally come home to the right place. The atmosphere created by National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center staff is unique and designe…Read More

    AlexandrIa, VA
  2. Anastasia is an Amazing Hypnotherapist

    Anastasia is an amazing hypnotherapist. She makes you feel very comfortable before the session starts, she explains what to expect. The experience of hypnotherapy itself was very interesting and one I highly recommend. We store A LOT in our subconscious and it was really insightful to get a short peak into my memories and experiences. I have felt a big shift in energy regarding some habits and fea…Read More

    Springfield, VA
  3. Sending my Son Once or Twice a Week

    This weekend I met with the owner of this center that opened at the bottom of Quaker Lane. She's wonderful and is offering afterschool yoga for kids with pick up from school in a 5-mile radius. She also has scheduled yoga classes for adults and kids throughout the week. I'm excited for the kids' program though and plan to send my son once or twice a week.…Read More

    Alexandria, VA
  4. Unique Healing Sensation

    I've really enjoyed the sound healing with the crystal bowls. I feel rejuvenated and emotionally positive afterward. Every cell in my body vibrates and there's nothing quite like it! I highly recommend experiencing this unique healing sensation.…Read More

    Springfield, VA
  5. Life-Changing & Transforming Experience

    I truly had one of the life-changing and transforming experiences I have ever had in my life after visiting this center. I really enjoyed the entire experience and have already recommended it to just about everyone I have spoken to. I am so grateful for a peaceful and relaxing place that I found at your studio.…Read More

    AlexandrIa, VA
  6. Inspired Me to Intensify My Practice

    “She really inspired me to intensify my practice and as a result of her guidance, I really progressed not only in my ability to reach more advanced poses but also deepened my ability to reduce my stress through yoga. ”…Read More

  7. Love the Private Lessons

    “Love the private lessons for my daughter! Sonia has been so calm & patient and my daughter has loved it.”…Read More

  8. Noticeable Improvements

    “I love National Integrative Wellness and Resource Center. I make time to take 3-4 classes per week, and I have made noticeable improvements in my flexibility and stamina in just 6 weeks.”…Read More